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by: LA MUSICA UN PONTE TRA I POPOLI | EXPIRES 17/07/2021 | Type of collection: O tutto o niente!

Since 2013, the project "La Musica un Ponte tra i Popoli" (Music, a bridge between  People)  has been bringing young people of different cultures, religions and countries to Forli and enabling them to engage in a dialogue using the universal language of music. This year we want to jump in a van and create a documentary of the road trip  through the countries involved in this project, as we witness the changes that have come about in the lives of these young people,  to those of their families and to their schools. The departure point will be the Balkans, where it all began, witnessing a unique process of building peace and dialogue between the young generations of countries which history  calls “European”, giving an original perspective to the project. To be able to do this, we need four wheels and a video camera! Please help us to Cross the Bridge!  GIVE GENEROUSLY!



The  “La musica: un ponte tra i popoli”  project began in 2013 with the aim of offering young European musicians the possibility of having a concrete experience of coexistence and dialogue between different cultures, through the medium of music. For the last eight years we have organized a summer class of classical and Balkan music,  with the aim of creating the "Giovane orchestra paneuropea", which performs within the “Festival della musica giovane del Mediterraneo”, in Forlì.


In the most recent editions, thanks to substantial and increasing effort , we achieved the considerable average number of  5 concerts per season in the territory, involving around 50 young people from 11 countries  (Slovenia, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Romenia, Greece, Spain, Italy) with different languages, cultures and religions. Forlì has remained the central location of this project, hosting the preparation of the orchestra and its main performances at the Festival but, for several editions, the first summer meeting took place at Prizren, in Kosovo, which is one of the project’s other cornerstones. Numerous other interesting collaborations are in the phase of being set up.  

It all began thanks to our interest in the conflicts in the Balkan region; observing that reality from  not so far away, we asked ourselves what we could contribute in order to encourage a dialogue between those countries’ younger generations  and, at the same time, put Italy in contact with those “distant” countries and their situations, with their history and cultures.


In 2013 the first student exchange took place, between the “ Angelo Masini” School in  Forlì and the  Lorenz Antonji School in Prizren (Kosovo), the embryo of this dialogue bridge, which confirmed music’s intuition as a vehicle to reconnect to  recent history and as an instrument to bring back the possibility of balance and dialogue from the grassroots level between  the  “distant”  human differences of culture, politics and religion. 


The call has been unavoidable  and in these 8 years we have accompanied this dialogue, expanding the project and trying to capture the enthusiasm shown by these generations as best  as we can. This organizational effort has brought progress and results over the years which have excited everybody  and each year we have seen, with wonder, the renewal and creation of friendships between  the young people who take part.


What remains? What has changed? What can still be done? These are the questions that prompt us to get into a van and document the places, the schools and, most of all, the people who have made this project a unique experience of the intercultural dialogue  kind.

We want to enlarge the  community, get to know it  better and eliminate some of the distances, and strengthen greater still the international character of this project, beginning with those who are the nearest.

We want to get you involved, unite our questions with yours and, most of all, join forces.

At eight years on from the conception of this project, we want to equip ourselves with video cameras, microphones and  revisit the stopovers and document the progress that has been made. We will need an equipped van, in some cases a plane flight, expert documentary makers and the time necessary to record the statements of the participants, the voices and tales of their families, the road that passes by and the music schools where all of this began.


For this reason, we have decided to open a crowdfunding campaign, open to everyone who would like to contribute. We want to make you become a part of this challenge and create the documentary together with you.


Every donation is essential! 40 days in which to collect 5,000 euros and begin this journey.


Thanks to your contribution we will have the energy to set off and keep going during the trip: by donating you will have the chance to receive exclusive rewards and to be amongst the first to view the completed documentary.


 Please help us by donating to us four wheels and a video camera to cross the Bridge!




July 2021: research and interviews  in Forlì and in Slovenia,  in conjunction with the summer class and concerts by the  “Giovane orchestra paneuropea”.


August 2021 :  a van of documentary makers and volunteers will  head to the Balkan region, to collect images and  statements around the areas of Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia.


December 2021 - March 2022: Editing, production and launch of the documentary.


Dillo a tutti!



Conosci il progettista:


Il progetto “La musica: un ponte tra i popoli” nasce nel 2013 con lo scopo di offrire a giovani musicisti la possibilità di sperimentare una concreta esperienza di coesistenza e dialogo tra culture differenti attraverso la musica. Si rivolge in particolare a paesi dell'area balcanica (Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia e Montenegro), ma al gruppo aderiscono - oltre all'Italia - anche Spagna, Slovenia, Romania e Grecia. Ogni anno vengono organizzati summer class di musica classica e balcanica, allo scopo di costituire la "Giovane orchestra paneuropea", che si esibisce all’interno del Festival della musica giovane del Mediterraneo, a Forlì.




Primo spettatore / First spectator

Grazie! Con questo contributo ci offri uno spuntino a base di cevapcici e verrai ricompensato con il documentario finale inviato via mail! @ Thank you! With this contribution, you are offering us a snack of “cevapcici”, and you’ll be rewarded with the final documentary sent to you via email!




Doppia visione / Double vision

Grazie! Con questa ricompensa ci offri un caffè perché a questo punto del viaggio cominciamo ad essere stanchi. Verrai ricompensato con due documentari: quello finale e quello del 2019 ricchi di diversi momenti di forte umanità e spontaneità e testimonianze interessanti dai ragazzi partecipanti a 360 gradi! @ Thank you! You will be rewarded with two documentaries: the final one and the one that we made in 2019, full of moments of humanity and spontaneity and showing interesting accounts from the young people who participated!




Un nome una garanzia! / A name, a guarantee!

50 euro: un pieno di gas per il furgone, che ti farà ottenere la visione del documentario finale e di quello del 2019, ricco di momenti di spontaneità e umanità, nonché il file audio introvabile coi migliori brani suonati dalla Giovane orchestra paneuropea; vedrai inoltre il tuo nome scorrere nei titoli di coda! @ Will reward you the chance to see the final documentary, the one from 2019, full of moments of humanity and spontaneity, not to mention an unreleased audio file of the best pieces of music performed by the Giovane orchestra paneuropea; on top of everything (or at the bottom of everything) you’ll see your name appear at the end-of-film credits!




Sei dei nostri / You’re one of us

70 euro: un pieno di gas per il furgone e una birra ai nostri documentaristi, che ti farà ottenere la visione del documentario finale e di quello del 2019, ricco di momenti di spontaneità e umanità, nonché il file audio introvabile coi migliori brani suonati dalla Giovane orchestra paneuropea, e vedrai il tuo nome scorrere nei titoli di coda! Inoltre sarai iscritto gratuitamente all'associazione con sconti sui nostri concerti tra cui quello di Bahrami, del 18 luglio 2021. @ Will reward you the chance to see the final documentary, the one from 2019, full of moments of humanity and spontaneity, an unreleased audio file of the best pieces of music performed by the Giovane orchestra paneuropea, and you’ll see your name appear amongst the end-of film credits! In addition, you’ll receive free membership of the association and reduced entry to our concerts.




Nome in grande / Name in big letters

100 euro: grazie a te percorreremo un tratto significativo di ponte. Nome evidente nei titoli di coda, documentario finale, migliori brani e cartolina del progetto scritta e spedita da uno dei partecipanti, probabilmente in una lingua sconosciuta. Sarai in aggiunta iscritto all'associazione con sconti sui concerti tra cui quello di Bahrami del 18 luglio e avrai la possibilità di guardare in esclusiva non solo il documentario del 2020 ma anche quello del 2019 con una realizzazione artistica notevole e momenti di umanità e spontaneità raccontati direttamente dai ragazzi partecipanti al progetto. @ Will be rewarded with : Name highlighted in the end-of-film credits, final documentary, the best musical tracks and project postcard written and sent by one of the participants, probably in an unfamiliar language. You will be added to the association membership with concert discount and you’ll have the possibility to watch exclusively the 2020 documentary and the one of 2019




Grande finanziatore / Big benefactor

200 euro: Nome in grande, da grande finanziatore! Documentario finale e documentario delle edizioni 2019 e 2020 e migliori brani della Giovane orchestra paneuropea. Riceverai inoltre il catalogo digitale della nostra mostra fotografica, la stampa di una foto d’autore. Da iscritto all'associazione avrai inoltre la possibilità di entrare gratuitamente ai nostri concerti tra cui quello di Bahrami il 18 luglio. @ Reward: Name in big letters, like a big benefactor! Final documentary and the documentary of the 2019 and 2020 editions, the best pieces performed by the Giovane orchestra paneuropea. On top of these, you’ll receive the digital catalogue of our photographic exhibition, and a print of one of the photos. As a member of the association, you’ll be able to attend our concerts for free.




Sponsor ufficiale / Official Sponsor

1000 euro e oltre: Sei uno Sponsor ufficiale del progetto! Il tuo logo apparirà in apertura del documentario e verrai ringraziato in tutte le comunicazioni virtuali e non del progetto. Riceverai un poster scritto e firmato dai protagonisti del documentario, da incorniciare! @ 1000 euro and more: You are an Official Sponsor of the project! Your logo will appear at the beginning of the documentary and you will be thanked in all of the project communications, digital and non-digital. You will receive a poster written and signed by the documentary protagonists, for framing!


Grazie! Ogni contributo è un passo in più verso il traguardo! AS YOU LIKE Thank you! Every contribution is a step closer to the finishing line! MINIMUM AMOUNT €5